Software Quality Assurance Engineer

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark · Engineering/Product


At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are engaged, they're approaching their work with energy, enthusiasm and resilience. Being part of the organisation becomes part of your own identity.

At others, it feels impossible to get everyone pulling in the same direction. People lose sight of the company's purpose, they start looking out only for themselves – or elsewhere for new opportunities.

We started Peakon to help companies around the world build better workplaces. Where employees know they're listened to, managers learn from their own decisions and develop as leaders, and entire organisations see a step-change in what they can achieve.

Trust and transparency guide everything we do. At Peakon you’ll find a transparent salary model, unlimited vacation, minimal hierarchy, and maximum freedom to develop and execute your own ideas. Our style of collaboration is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends…


As the Peakon engineering team grows, we are looking for a QA Engineer to join our QA Team and help us design and implement our long term QA strategy. At Peakon we rely heavily on QA automation, with thousands of unit tests and hundreds of UI tests being executed on every change, giving us the confidence to release daily updates. To complement our automated testing, this role will focus on exploratory testing of new features and products, making sure they meet our own quality standards and those of our customers.

This includes creating and executing test plans for every new feature and product we launch, as well as changes to existing functionality. It also means proactively planning and coordinating testing activities, and collaborating with product management and developers to streamline the release of new features with high confidence in quality. You will also own our issues reporting and tracking process, as well as identify relevant product quality metrics and track them over time.


You have a passion for shipping quality software that provide customers with exceptional user experiences. You stay up to date on the latest technology trends, and are able to evaluate appropriate testing practices for the problem at hand. You have a great eye for detail, able to spot small inconsistencies in the software you are testing. In your work, you naturally think outside the box, finding new user scenarios that might have been overlooked by others.

You have experience as a QA engineer for a large web application in an agile environment, and you are able to evaluate and suggest appropriate methods of testing for a given product or feature. You understand the tradeoffs required in developing a quality application while supporting the needs of a fast growing business.

You are self-organizing, process-oriented and able to work independently to complete tasks and projects. You are a great communicator, used to interacting with many different parts of a business.


Our ideal candidate

We welcome your application even if you do not meet all of the criteria listed above, but are excited about the challenge of mastering this role. We know that skills are not static and growth is continuous, so we are excited to help you take your career to the next level at Peakon.


We make it a priority to stay on the cutting edge of tech. We are highly motivated by learning and growing in our roles, and constantly evolving is a key part of that.

The tech stack of Peakon centers around Javascript, with Node on the server and React/Angular on the frontend. We believe there is great value in a shared toolchain across the stack, enabling engineers to work on all parts of the system. Some tasks are better solved with different tools, and thus we use f.ex. Python for the data science parts of the system.

We are big fans of new JavaScript language features like async/await, and have made it a priority to stay up to date with the latest versions of Node. We are primarily hosted on Heroku and AWS, with an increasing number of our services moving to the latter. We use PostgreSQL, Redis and ElasticSearch for storage.

We rely heavily on automated testing on all levels of the application, with thousands of tests checking every commit to our code base. We use CircleCI for hosted continuous integration to make sure our most recent changes are always available to test, and we deploy code to our production environment on a daily basis.


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