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At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are engaged, they're approaching their work with energy, enthusiasm and resilience. Being part of the organisation becomes part of your own identity.

At others, it feels impossible to get everyone pulling in the same direction. People lose sight of the company's purpose, they start looking out only for themselves – or elsewhere for new opportunities.

We started Peakon to help companies around the world build better workplaces. Where employees know they're listened to, managers learn from their own decisions and develop as leaders, and entire organisations see a step-change in what they can achieve.

Trust and transparency guide everything we do. At Peakon you’ll find a transparent salary model, unlimited vacation, minimal hierarchy, and maximum freedom to develop and execute your own ideas. Our style of collaboration is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends…


You can lay down prose quicker than Kerouac, have a nose for a story like Joan Didion, and are so at ease with words that you can turn a tennis match into a masterpiece like David Foster Wallace. In short, you’re passionate about great writing and the art of storytelling.

As a copywriter at Peakon, you’ll be responsible for creating compelling narratives across of all our communication channels. From sharp website copy, to well-researched long-reads, you’ll be the reason our audience keeps returning to learn more.

This is a great opportunity to work with a brand that is growing rapidly, genuinely changing the way people work, and has a lot of fun along the way. You’ll be working with an ambitious team whose data-driven content has seen us featured in the New York Times, Bloomberg and printed on the front page of the Metro US. With your help, we’ll be taking our content strategy and distribution to the next level. Roll over, Harvard Business Review.




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