Customer Support Content Specialist

Copenhagen, Capital Region of Denmark, Denmark · Customer Success · BUD19 TBH25


At some companies you can feel the momentum building. People are engaged, they're approaching their work with energy, enthusiasm and resilience. Being part of the organisation becomes part of your own identity.

At others, it feels impossible to get everyone pulling in the same direction. People lose sight of the company's purpose, they start looking out only for themselves – or elsewhere for new opportunities.

We started Peakon to help companies around the world build better workplaces. Where employees know they're listened to, managers learn from their own decisions and develop as leaders, and entire organisations see a step-change in what they can achieve.

Trust and transparency guide everything we do. At Peakon you’ll find a transparent salary model, unlimited vacation, minimal hierarchy, and maximum freedom to develop and execute your own ideas. Our style of collaboration is based on honesty and friendship, and we always love making new friends…

Who you are

You’re the kind of person who, if a tourist asked you for directions to somewhere in your neighbourhood, you’d give them the precise turn-by-turn they need, plus a rapid summary of your favourite bars and restaurants – just because you feel this urge to help people have a great experience.

Above all, you’re a great communicator. You can put yourself in another person’s shoes, and understand the information they need at that moment.

In your career so far, you’ve put this inclination to share and guide people into a role within customer success, training, technical documentation or similar.


As a member of Peakon’s Support team, you’ll create the content that enables business users to get the most from the Peakon platform. In doing so, your work will directly impact the leadership and culture that thousands of people experience at work every day.



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